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A 501c3 Charity (81-3695316), EMAIL: [email protected] Mail: 2355 Westwood Blvd., Su. 127, Los Angeles, CA 90064, Website: SoCalBasketballHOF.com 310-602-9302


The Southern California Basketball Hall of Fame (SCBBHOF) was founded in June of 2019 to recognize the great players, coaches and administrators that have made the local sport what it is today on the high school, college, and professional levels and to be able to raise charity funds for the future of youth basketball. The HOF primarily recognizes the accomplishments of individuals playing/coaching/ contributing on the Southern California high school level, and then participating in college basketball in the local area ranging from San Diego to Orange to Los Angeles to San Bernardino to Santa Barbara counties. Playing college basketball outside the local area and achieving state or national honors, and also playing/coaching in the NBA or professional basketball would be a factor in the final HOF considerations.

The important mission for the 501c3 SCBBHOF charity is to raise the necessary funds to provide educational, training, clinics, and sport opportunities for disadvantaged younger male and female players to enjoy the game, plus develop their fundamental skills like the legends being recognized in the HOF. The SCBBHOF will assist youth athletes and future Olympic hopefuls where their families may not have the necessary resources to prepare for major competitions.

The charity efforts will be enhanced through the Southern California Basketball Hall of Fame honorees fund-raising ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of these local individuals, who played significant roles within youth, club, high school, college and the professional basketball community. The emphasis of the HOF is geared to the Southern California area.

The SCBBHOF was first housed at the American Sports Centers (ASC) facility in Anaheim, the leading site for youth basketball in the West through Open Gym Premier prior to COVID-19. The 501c3 charity will provide additional recognition to further develop the game throughout the Southern California success stories of the HOF legends.

Visit our website at SoCalBasketballHOF.com for more information.


1. Priority for SCBBHOF selection will be given to male and female basketball players, coaches and contributors that have excelled primarily in high school game in the Southern California area from San Diego to Orange to Los Angeles to San Bernardino to Santa Barbara Counties. The next criteria will be significant college accomplishments, with an emphasis in the local area. Professional basketball accomplishments do not outweigh high school first, then college accomplishments.

2. Individuals will be given special consideration that have won CIF/City titles, NCAA/NAIA championships, and have accomplished major individual honors such as High School All-American, All-State, All-City, All-CIF, California Player/Coach of the Year, USA Junior/Senior National Teams, Collegiate All-American, Olympian, Basketball Halls of Fame honors, and other special awards.

3. NBA/professional basketball playing/coaching/contributing in the Southern California area, will be considered, provided that person has at least 15 years of service in the local area. This can be for a person that played/did noy play youth basketball locally and came here late for high school, college, or professional, but will judged based on similar overall criteria.

4. If a player/coach was raised here with high school service in Southern California, then non-local college and professional experience, will be reviewed as well as his/her individual honors in considering selection for the HOF.

5. Coming to Southern California for college (not being from here or playing here until after HS) can be considered if person goes onto a professional career locally and considers Southern California as his/her home, but is a lower priority than both playing/coaching HS as first priority and then college in the local area.

6. All playing nominees must have completed his/her college or professional careers for at least five years before being considered for the HOF selection. Coaches can still be active provided they have completed a minimum of 15 years of service in Southern California.

7. The Executive Committee will narrow final nominations each cycle to a number not more than double the individuals being inducted into the HOF. That list will be forwarded to the selection committee for final voting. The Executive Committee will be responsible for making sure all nominees meet the HOF criteria.

8. The SCBBHOF President/Executive Director will notify the finalists and the selected nominees once the HOF voting process has been completed. The Hall of Fame honoree or a designated representative should be able attend the HOF installation ceremony to be officially inducted into the Southern California Basketball Hall of Fame (a spouse or representative can fill in with Executive Board approval). If a nominee is unable to attend his/her induction or have a representative or acceptance of the honor, the HOF has the right to select the next person in the voting from the finalists or accept on his/her behalf. Nominations can be submitted annually with basketball biography and contact information for the nominator and the nominee—email/cellphone. The Executive Committee can eliminate a nominee if he or she does not receive any votes over a three-year period.

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