New So. Calif. Basketball Hall of Fame Charity Begins Basketball Legends to be inducted August 23 in Anaheim

SCBBHOF is A 501c3 Charity

Contact: 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Su. 110
Anaheim, CA 92805

The 501c3 charity, the Southern California Basketball Hall of Fame, has been formed to honor the legendary local men and women who played and coached the high school game and beyond at the highest level and support the development of the sport for youth individuals who can’t afford club and camp fees. The first event will be a banquet/live auction on Sunday night, August 23 at the Highway 39
Event Center in Anaheim.

For the first event, 37 players and coaches have been nominated from San Diego to Orange to San Bernardino to San Gabriel to San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara Counties. The board and committee will determine a final list of 20 by February to be honored at the August 23 fund raising event in Anaheim. The SCBBHOF will be located at American Sports Centers (ASC) in Anaheim, which is the home of numerous Open Premier Gym youth basketball tournaments.

The 37 nominees for the initial 20 induction spots for the first HOF are: Rich Branning, Joe Caldwell, Jarron Collins, Jason Collins, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, Nancy Dunkle, Gail Goodrich, Doug Gottlieb, Jim Harrick, Casey Jacobsen, Marques Johnson, Greg Lee, Lisa Leslie, Raymond Lewis, Tommy Lewis, Don MacLean, Gary McKnight, Ann Meyers Drysdale, David Meyers, Cheryl Miller, Reggie Miller, Harold Miner, Tracy Murray, Pete Newell, Ed O’Bannon, Linda Sharp, Miles Simon, Jerry Tarkanian, Kiki VanDeWeghe, Bill Walton, Willie West, Paul Westphal, Jamaal Wilkes, John Williams, Leon Wood, Mark Wulfmeyer, George Yardley.

Among the 37, many are in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and others are in either the men’s or women’s college basketball halls of fame in Kansas City or Knoxville. Numerous are in their college basketball halls of fame. A large group have won NCAA titles as either a player or coach and some have won NBA titles during their careers. “We have an amazing group of basketball legends with Southern California backgrounds for our nominees and it will be a tremendous team when the honorees are selected,” said Matt Kanne, President of the SCBBHOF. “We think the HOF can be an excellent tool to developing the charity to provide more and more kids the opportunity to play basketball and I want to thank ASC for wanting to be the home for this project.”

NAISMITH HALL OF FAME: Pete Newell (1979), Ann Meyers Drysdale (1993), Bill Walton (1993), Cheryl Miller (1995), Gail Goodrich (1996), George Yardley (1996), Cynthia Cooper-Dyke (2010), Reggie Miller (2012), Jamaal Wilkes (2012), Jerry Tarkanian (2013), Lisa Leslie (2015), Paul Westphal (2019).
WOMEN’S BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME: Ann Meyers Drysdale (1999), Cheryl Miller (1999), Nancy Dunkle (2000), Linda Sharp (2001), Cynthia Cooper- Dyke (2009).
COLLEGE BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME: George Yardley (2006), Bill Walton (2006), Gail Goodrich (2006), Marques Johnson (2013), Jamaal Wilkes (2016), Paul Westphal (2018).